Established in 2002, Social Resources Development Institute (SRDI) had a humble start in Hong Kong. With the motto 'The training professionals explore and develop the greatest social resources: human', Ir Dr. CM Ho as a founder and Principal of the Institute has been fully elaborating persistently the available resources by networking construction and civil engineering professionals and related associations, complying with requirements of Education Bureau and Labour Department by successfully obtaining approval for Continuous Education Fund (CEF) and authorization to run mandatory safety and professional certificates respectively. Over the years, SRDI has established its reputation as a professional training provider by offering a series of training courses mainly of, but not limited to, civil engineering and construction.

Being a market leader in the respective training fields, SRDI spreads its wings vividly subject-wise from construction/civil engineering to building services, standard-wise from Level 1 (open to any ready-to-learn working adults) to Level 7 (equivalent to professional level), geography-wise from Hong Kong to Macau and beyond. SRDI has quickly established its name renown for being serious in high quality vocational/professional training registered as a Pearson BTEC Centre. A comparison is now metaphorically drawn between SRDI and Shaolin, the top ranking Chinese Kung Fu discipline enjoying over a thousand years of proven record of excellence in martial art. For the same token, any learners graduating from SRDI are proud of being genuinely recognized as those who can command professional knowledge at their respective levels; trained to be self-managed and able to manage others and proficient in communicative skills in appropriate professional contexts.

With a solid professional foundation, SRDI is ready to looking far and flying high. The following areas are targets for the immediate future:

- Partnering with major construction/public corporations by providing corporate training in construction/civil engineering/building services disciplines, management skills and engineering communicative skills.

- Partnering with major European universities by localizing doctoral degrees in engineering management and other disciplines.

- Introducing a series of purpose-driven short courses that could meet the immediate training needs of civil engineering and affiliated professions.

We therefore welcome whoever and whichever corporations in line with us. Let's build up a better community by our professional contributions which are made possible through continuous professional training and development.



SRDI 經過多年的努力和穩步發展,與工程和培訓界的專業人士和團體保持緊密聯系,提供以工程管理為主軸的培訓課程;並且獲得教育局批核舉辦多個持續進修基金資助課程,和勞工處授權開辦各級專業安全訓練,得以成為名符其實的培訓專家。


2004年起,SRDI成為英國Pearson BTEC的國際認可培訓中心,以教學嚴謹見稱予同儕。業界將SRDI的作風比喻為泰山北斗的少林寺,冠以【BTEC少林寺】和【SRDI木人巷】的美譽。少林傳承千年,為武林正宗;同樣SRDI的畢業學員,掌握專業知識,懂得自律及管理,在工作上能夠有效地發揮所長而『倍感自豪』。



 - 與業界配合,提供建築、土木工程、屋宇設備工程、安全工程、管理技術及工程溝通的相關課程。

 - 與歐洲大學探討開辦本地化的工程管理及其他學科的博士和研究課程。

- 提供一系列『即學即用』的短期的行業培訓。


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