Application 報讀課程          

Learner should download and complete the application forms with signature. After that, please submit them to our center with the following methods:


Forms 表格:
Usual Application Form  一般報名表

Submission Methods 遞交表格

Remarks:  1. The enrollment is served on a first come first enrol basis after the payment is settled

注意事項:        課程以先到先得方式取錄學員,完成付款手續,報名方獲接納。

                     2. No refund on all situation after the payment is received unless amendment is made by the course provider.


                     3. Class will be cancelled should the Observatory announce two hours before class commencement Black Rainstorm Signal or Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above.


                     4. The tuition fee paid for a course to gain or maintain qualifications for use in any employment can be claimed as a deduction for salary tax. For more                          information, please visit the Inland Revenue Department(IRD) website: or contact IRD 24-hour hotline at 1878000.

                         如繳交的課程費用是為了取得或維持任何就業資格可申請作為扣除薪俸稅之用。如欲了解更多信息,請訪問稅務局IRD網站                          或致電稅務局24小時熱線1878000

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